How do I get rid of maggots in my dustbin? Step By Step Guide

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Maggots are a common type of insect that is similar to a housefly. It is a fly that breeds on the dustbin and waste food. The maggot eggs can be found in old garbage. If you allow flies to grow on the dustbin, you could face the maggots’ infestation problem in your house.

These flies can easily lay eggs within 24 hours. Once it reaches your home, it is tough to get rid of it. However, taking precautions in the starting stage can help you get rid of these problems. Let us see some of the tips on how to get rid of maggots in your dustbin.

How to get rid of maggot

The smart tips to get rid of maggots at your dustbin

The causes of the maggot problem

  • The first step to prevent maggots in the dustbin is to ensure that the flies don’t reach your dustbin. You can use the wheelie bins rather than using a black dustbin bag. Some of the eco-friendly dustbin bags are made of vegetable waste that can make the maggots grow.
  • The next step to get rid of maggots is to reduce the amount of waste of food you put in the dustbin. Do not keep a dustbin with waste food in your home for many days. Throw the garbage every day to prevent maggots. If you reduce the amount of waste food, then the maggot problem will disappear.
  • The maggots breed not only in waste food but also in any food item that is kept open. Especially if you have pets in your home, do not keep the pet food open. The maggots can lay an egg in any exposed food item within 24 hours. If you throw this food in the dustbin, then you can see maggots in it. Therefore, avoid throwing exposed pet food into the dustbin.
  • If you have a non-degradable dustbin cover, then you can wash it and put it in on the dustbin. It will keep the dustbin cover fresh and will not attract any maggots. The odor is another reason why maggots get attracted to the dustbin.
  • People having pets at home often face serious maggot problems. Another reason for maggots in your dustbin is pet waste. Many pet owners throw pet poop into the dustbin that can cause maggots. Avoid putting any pet waste in the dustbin to prevent this problem.

The remedies to prevent maggot

  • There are insecticide strips in a market that can be hung in your dustbin cover. These insecticides will prevent flies and bugs in your dustbin. The insecticide helps to control the breeding of maggots in a dustbin.
  • Most of the maggot goes away once the dustbin is cleared. After clearing the dustbin, pour warm water and bleach to clean it. You can also use other disinfectants to clean the dustbin and prevent maggots.
  • Citronella is another effective remedy to prevent maggots in the dustbin. The fragrance of citronella is powerful and can prevent maggots from breeding in the dustbin.
  • If you have a maggot problem, then find the root cause. Fly sprays can effectively kill the flies before they reach your dustbin. You can use a fly spray that helps you to get rid of flies in your home. These house flies are the reason for maggot growth in the dustbin. You can use a fly spray or a powder on your dustbin. Also, wash the dustbin with water and clean it often.


Many have a huge concern about the maggot issue in their dustbin. Some also think that maggots can cause serious health issues. Flies are common, and they are seen in every home. However, it is best to prevent the maggots by being careful with your waste disposal methods. Follow the above remedies and get rid of the maggot problem in your dustbin.

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