10 Best Water Flossers In India 2021 – A Complete Review and Guide

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No doubt food gives the best vibe and can make someone feel calm. It doesn’t matter that if you are a picky eater or love trying a wide range of different dishes, oral hygiene is essential after eating anything. Most people are habitual of brushing once a day, and few people consider doctors’ suggestion of brushing twice a day. It can help with oral hygiene, but what about floss?

According to experts, debris and plaque collecting at the inner part of teeth can cause tooth decay, poor oral hygiene, and heart health-related issues. A clean mouth is the starting point of body hygiene. The most effective and reliable solution to get rid of plaque and food debris is a water flosser. There is a small nozzle to deliver pleasured water. It will clean your teeth effectively.

Using the right kind of water flosser can help getting rid of the yellowness of teeth, having better hygiene, and much more. This small device might look inefficient, but it is powerful in reaching all the parts of the mouth which are hard to clean. You can prevent oral issues like swollen gum, teeth yellowness, tooth decay, no odd smell from the mouth, and much more.

Indians are habitual of brushing teeth, and they are hardly focusing on the use of flossers. Even the whole world is considering flosser as the best way to have better oral hygiene, this trend of flossing teeth is still at bay for Indians. However, a water flosser is a great and efficient solution that is getting intense demand. You can find a range of water flosser manufacturers available in India.

The quality offered by these flossers is great, the pressure offered is adequate and they are going to feel less abrasive also. Choosing the right flosser based on the build quality, design, and essential aspects like pressure can help you grab the right water flosser.

🏆Best Water Flosser Available in India 2021🏆

As the variety available in water flosser can leave you confused and brainstorming. It would be a great idea to consider some of the well-liked brands. Here, we handpicked some of the best water flossers that are available in India for a reasonable price point. The list contains prominent models loved by most buyers. Without wasting any more time, let’s jump to our first water flosser of choice:

1: ORACURA Smart Water Flosser OC001 with Protective Case

When it comes to picking the best water flosser of all kinds, it must have every essential feature with excellent working. ORACURA Smart Water Flosser nailed the first spot based on three vital qualities – speed control, handy design, and prolonged warranty. It is a rechargeable water flosser, and it offers 10-15 days of use on a single charge.

Choosing the desired speed to remove food debris, plaque, and other particles seems more comfortable. Using pulse mode to reach difficult areas of the mouth feels adequate with this water flosser. The last and most vital factor is 18 months of warranty. Well, it takes functionality and credibility to new heights. You can also add a little mouthwash for a cleaner feeling.


  • Comes with 18 months of warranty.
  • Speed control provides effective cleaning.
  • Battery backup is excellent.
  • Build quality is premium and it offers excellent hand-feel.


  • No cons reported

2: Caresmith Table Topwater Flosser

With a large tank and ten-pressure settings, Caresmith Table Top Water Flosser feels like an adequate choice. The manufacturer is offering five impressive features here. Firstly, you can fill 600ml tank use this water flosser for days without any problem. Secondly, it has eight flosser tips where you get – 4 classic jet tips, 1-dental plaque tip, 1-orthodontic tip, 1-periodontal tip, and-tongue cleaner tip.

Thirdly, the handle of this water flosser provides excellent grip to point accurately in between your teeth. Cleaning becomes more obvious with the accuracy of the handle. Fourthly, you are getting 18 months of warranty with this water flosser. These are some of the impressive features to appreciate. Even, the affordability is going to get your attention with this product.


  • You can choose from ten-pressure settings.
  • The handle is lightweight and provides an excellent grip.
  • The manufacturer added 8 interchangeable tips for the desired use.
  • Tank capacity is adequate for a couple of days of use.


  • Large parameters and heavy design kill portability aspect.

3: Waterpik Cordless Express Water Flosser

When it comes to battery-powered water flossers, portability is the primary feature to expect. Such products feel obvious to buy, and the same goes with Waterpik Cordless Express Water Flosser. Filling the small container of this flosser with water and pointing it in between teeth seems easier. There is no cord, and it is also a lightweight water flosser.

There are two-speed settings, but they are quite efficient to clean your mouth. Going to the next aspect, you can find a single flosser tip. This flosser tip is designed to clean plaque, food debris, bacteria, and reach difficult mouth areas. Most users have a positive opinion regarding the effectiveness so trusting this product is easy even with a single flosser tip.


  • The manufacturer is backing this product with one year of warranty.
  • Build quality is sturdy and it has a premium in-hand feel.
  • Design is handy, and the flosser is lightweight to use.
  • The battery backup is adequate for a couple of days of use.


  • It comes with a single flosser tip.

4: AKARAN Speed Dental Care Water-Jet Flosser

A product that works on air technology to push water with speed provides great use. Such kinds of water-flossers are affordable, eco-friendly, and have great durability. With the same functionality, AKARAN Speed Dental Care Water-Jet Flosser will feel handy. It can comfortably clean food debris, plaque, and difficult mouth areas.

The design is simple and there is no moving part so durability is not going to be a major concern. It has an ergonomic design to provide a weight balance. Even with such a small and push-button design, this water flosser is lightweight and has a perfect weight balance. The low-profile tip is good enough to create intense pressure and lifting food debris effectively.


  • It has one of the most efficient designs.
  • Build quality is adequate and up-to-the-mark.
  • There is no need for a battery or power source for this water flosser.
  • It comes at an affordable price point.


  • There are few negative reviews regarding leakage issues after a couple of months of use.

5: Philips Sonicare Airfloss Pro Rechargeable Water Flosser

Philips is one of the most credible electronic and health care accessories manufacturers. No doubt choosing a product from Philips is easy but slightly costly. Well, Philips Sonicare Airfloss Pro Rechargeable Water Flosser is the next one on our list that you are going to appreciate. This Airfloss water flosser is made of BPA plastic and has a super-strong build quality.

The design is unique as it provides effective water pressure in the right area to clean food debris. Getting rid of plaque is easier with this water flosser. The micro-droplet technology help in having a clean mouth feeling. The last but not the least feature is two years of warranty. It will assure you a safe purchase and ensuring that you are getting the best-in-class product.


  • You can get 99.99% floss cleaned with micro-droplet technology.
  • It works on a rechargeable Li-ion battery to provide great use.
  • It comes with two years of warranty from the date of purchase.
  • You can adjust the pressure to desire for effective cleaning.


  • It is a slightly expensive option than other options.

6: QOZWEID Speed Dental Care Water-Jet Flosser

The purchase of QOZWEID Speed Dental Care Water-Jet Flosser might seem less-efficient but it is such a great option for a lower price. This air-technology water flosser might not reach pressure equal to a battery-powered flosser but it gets the work done. It has a specially designed flosser tip to create intense pressure for effective cleaning.

Adding a little mouthwash into the flosser can help to get a better feel. The easy-to-use design helps expect such great functionality. It has an ergonomic design to give you better results during prolonged use. The only problem is, you have to fill water every single time when you want to use it.


  • It is a cordless water-flosser with a lightweight design.
  • The build quality is up to the mark and you can expect great durability.
  • It can easily reach the back of your teeth for proper cleaning.
  • Helpful in getting sparkling teeth with a couple of days of use.


  • The inconvenience while filling the container might feel odd.

7: HK MART Speed Dental Care Water-Jet Flosser

Like our previously mentioned water flosser, HK MART Speed Dental Care Water-Jet Flosser provides a great use along with affordability. You can buy this water flosser for ten times lower than the price of a battery-powered flosser. It works on pressure and you have to press the button to get high-speed pressured water.

Using this water-jet flosser is easy and you can also expect incredible durability. It can help in cleaning all the areas of your mouth and having such a portable design will enhance overall usability. The only con is, there is no warranty offered by the manufacturer for this water flosser.


  • One of the affordable flossers of all kinds.
  • Works on-air technology for effective cleaning.
  • The durability of this water flosser is impressive.


  • There is no warranty offered by the manufacturer.

8: Stop ‘N’ BUY Speed Dental Care Water-Jet Flosser for Tooth Cleaner

Stop ‘N’ Buy speed water jet flosser comes with no batteries cord or no charging points. It is available at an affordable cost. If you are looking to improve your dental routine, then this product helps you. This powerful jet power floss oral irrigator includes air technology, which makes it more powerful and effective. The product helps to remove unnecessary food particles effectively.

Moreover, it helps inflame gums and cured bleeding issues. People who have braces can also consider it without hurting and brushing their gums and daily routine dental hygiene. This oral irrigator easily reaches every single area of the mouth and recovers your tissue damage. The only issue is the force of the water jet is not good enough as the product is manually operating. Therefore, even though no one is at fault product does not meet the end expectations.


  • Provides efficient cleaning with ease.
  • Comes at a reasonable price point.
  • Simple and compact design for great portability.


  • After-sale services from this brand are quite goofy.

9: Waterpik Cordless Advanced Water Flosser

Waterpik Cordless Advanced Water Flosser removes harmful bacteria and has proven more effective than other traditional dental flossers. Its advanced cordless design with three pressure settings and four flossing tips will provide you a far better option to makes your gums healthier and stronger. The product dimensions make it unique and impressive and fulfill your dental needs.

When you check further features, you will find its rechargeable battery with a magnetic charging system indicates the battery status. As per customer ratings and reviews, it is more than expectations. This flosser Blast pressured-water on every particle of food off your teeth in under a minute, and offer a clean feeling. The battery life is too good. Besides, it does not take up too much space in the bathroom. A little bulky for traveling. For getting whitening teeth in just a few minutes, it the best water flosser.


  • It is one of the advanced water flossers.
  • The handy design provides better comfort during long use.
  • It provides intense pressure and reaches unapproachable areas.


  • Slightly Expensive Option

10: Freshine Speed Dental Care Water-Jet Flosser Air technology

No doubt that just brushing is not good enough. To improve your irregular dental routine, Freshine Speed dental Care is an excellent choice. This product promotes healthy gums and sparkling teeth. It is a portable, simple, and lightweight water flosser. Most importantly, it reaches each hard-to-reach area where even your brush cannot reach.

It clears all the tiny particles stuck in between the tooth and maintains your healthy cleaning habit. At the time of use, fill it with water, point in between your teeth, then press to power away plaque-causing debris. The product is specially designed with no batteries nor cords. It includes air technology that propels the water flow at the time of usage. The best part is, you can get this water flosser for an affordable price point. People who have braces can try for a better cleaning experience.


  • It is one of the affordable water-flosser of all kinds.
  • Helpful in getting rid of plaque, food debris, and more.
  • No need for batteries or cords to use this water flosser.


  • The pressure from this water flosser is not as good as other battery-powered flossers.

Water Flosser – A Complete Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to your dental hygiene, a water flosser is an essential requirement to keep your teeth clean and plaque-free. Nowadays, most people consider the traditional way of tooth cleaning and don’t consider the importance of a water flosser. Choosing a dazzling water flosser to mean, improves your oral hygiene. It is necessary to feel fresh, breathe fresh and be enthusiastic for the whole day.

When you visit the market, the intense variety of water flossers might feel confusing. You should make sure about your choice and preference while choosing the teeth and gum cleaner. Although the dentist never denied the importance of water flosser. In case, you are suffering from gum and tooth disease, then having a water flosser is a perfect decision. Let’s check out some of the essential aspects to find the right water flosser –


The Indian market is full of water flosser manufacturers but figuring out the right one is a little tricky. It would be a better choice to go with top brands available in the Indian market. Some famous names to consider for water flosser are – ORACURA, Caresmith, Waterpik, QOZWEID, etc. These brands offer great value for money deals and provide excellent built quality among most of their products. The design is incredibly reliable so choosing such a brand is such a no-brainer.


The effectiveness of a water flosser depends upon the design of the water flosser. A reliable water flosser might work on battery power, or it might have a regular hose to create pressure by getting narrow at the end. The best part about a battery-powered water flosser is its impressive and flawless design. It can create intense pressure with small motors, and it provides the best use. However, a regular water flosser might not meet the pressure level required, but they are safe, and they are affordable at the same time.


A rechargeable water flosser provides prominent portability. You can carry such flossers anywhere and use them without any problem. These flossers work on two AAA-sized batteries, and if you go with a premium range of water flossers, you can expect in-built batteries. Most of the time, these water flossers have rechargeable Li-ion batteries. You can charge these water flossers in under a couple of minutes for excellent use. The best part is, these are eco-friendly and provides a better overall value with a better usability experience. Make sure that you consider the battery backup of a rechargeable water flosser to have a smooth use.


From the previous conclusion regarding the rechargeable water flosser, you can expect reliable overall usage. These water flossers have a small footprint, and they are lightweight also. When it comes to travel and pack less stuff, a lightweight and compact water flosser won’t be an issue. It might be expensive, but once you start using these flossers, you can understand the reason behind such price tags.


Sometimes people prefer going with affordable products, and they don’t consider the warranty. No doubt models with cheap build quality come for a lower price point, and they lack warranties also. Due to this, always choose well-built water flossers which offer a long-term warranty. At least expect six-months of warranty to have an excellent purchase.

After-sale Services:

The warranty might be a tempting feature, but don’t go on warranty only. Check after-sale services of the brand to ensure the quality of services. After selling the products, most brands become irresponsive and doesn’t claim product in case of having issues. Due to this, learn about services offered by the brand as if your water flosser stops working in the warranty period.


While shopping online, feedback from existing buyers can help to learn about the positive and negative aspects of the water flosser. You can expect better great deals and compare the products also. Once you compare the most-selling water flossers of all time and confused in 2-3 products, better check reviews. Why? Well, you can consider your need and compare products based on the reviews. You will know about every aspect from reviews. There are paid reviews in this era, but if you check reviews from verified purchases on Amazon, you will get the right product.

Water Flosser Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are Water Flossers effective to remove plaque?

Considering the fact that flossing is essential to have better oral hygiene, the use of water flossers seems effective. According to a study which was published in the Journal of Clinical Dentistry, flossers help in removing plaque way more effectively than Waterpik. Water flossers use pressure water and when you point it between the teeth, it gets rid of all the extra plaque, stains and helps in better cleanliness. The only factor to consider is, always choose the top-rated water flossers which can provide higher pressure.

  1. What are the top brands of water flossers in India?

Choosing the right water flossers might be difficult based on the variety available in the market. So, it would be an excellent choice to go after a reputed brand. However, the top brands to offer quality water flossers in India are –

  • Phillips – Offers the perfect blend of features and reasonable price
  • Caresmith – Best in the affordable category options.
  • Oracura – Reliable options in the mid-range category
  • Waterpik – Perfect for buyers who want variety.

These are the topwater flossers manufacturers liked by most buyers in India due to incredible build quality, easy-to-use design, and all the necessary features. Choosing any of these brands during the purchase time can come in handy and help you grab the right product with ease.

  1. What to consider before choosing a water flosser?

People with no dental issues can choose a popular brand during the purchase time. However, it might not feel highly effective to grab the right product. So, you should check six important factors –

  • Always go with topwater flossers brands like Phillips, Oracura, Waterpik, Caresmith, etc.
  • The pressure setting is vital to use the water flossers for sensitive gums. Due to this reason, look for speed settings.
  • Rechargeable water flossers are better because you can plug them to charge and get enough battery for at least a month of use.
  • The option to change tips of the water flosser is necessary so that you can get excellent usability and pressure based on the need.
  • Make sure that you do not buy any electric water flosser which doesn’t come with a warranty. At least choose the product which offers 6 months of warranty.
  • Build quality and reviews are two important factors that you can learn from previous buyers.

Looking at these aspects will help you grab the best water flosser with ease and avoiding the purchase of a poor-quality product.

  1. Are Water flossers waterproof?

Popular brands offer waterproof water flossers so that the user can get effective cleaning without worrying about wetting the flosser. If you buy an affordable water flosser then the waterproof rating of such a product might be poor. During the use time, water can damage the electrical parts of the flossers and it will stop working after a couple of times use. So, always choose waterproof water flossers and consider going with a product that is backed by a long-term warranty.

The Final Verdict

No doubt ACURA Smart Water Flosser is a clear winner due to its compact design, premium builds quality, easy-to-use features, pressure control, sufficient battery back-up, and reasonable price. Anyone willing to buy a water flosser with a flexible budget can consider going with the above-mentioned water flosser.

Rest of the nine water flossers in this list ticks all the essential features. You can choose any of the brands blindly and have excellent use. If you buy any of the water-flosser from the list and love using them, we will elate. Additionally, share your water flosser experience with us, so we could learn more about positive/negative aspects (as if we have missed any).

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