Best Nebulizers in India 2021 – Expert Review

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Looking back over the years, medical and health facilities have certainly gone a long way to become one of the most advanced ever seen. Previously we’ve seen patients facing hardship while intaking medicines and more. And most of these are seen in patients who suffer from COPD, cough, asthma, wheezing or bronchitis.

It’s for situations like this that Nebulizer was made. Nebulizer is a medical device that allows for the ingestion of heavy doses of liquid medication without affecting the patient. This works on a simple principle where the nebulizer converts the liquid medicine into a form of mist that is directly then ingested into the lungs via the machine.

Nebulizer and its Usage

Nebulizer as we briefly mentioned above is used for changing the liquid medication into the mist for ingestion. It is heavily used in hospitals and medical healthcare centers. But with the recent upgrades and advanced features, nebulizers are starting to make it to our homes.

One can use nebulizer by placing the needed amount of medicine on the atomizer which will then change the medicine into the mist form for breathing. The patients then sit next to the nebulizer and breathes in the medicine via the mouthpiece that is provided with it. Breathing in the medicine via the nebulizer is far better than via the use of pocket inhaler. It takes around 10-15 minutes for the medicine to fully ingest in your system.

Nebulizers are one of the vital equipment for medical patients and should be bought with utmost care. We here would look into the aspect of buying the best nebulizer for you and your family down below. Read along.

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Buying guide for Nebulizer

The market is filled with many nebulizers with slight variations and price spectrums. As for a common eye, sorting out the best nebulizer can be a hard task. It’s where we step in. We have shortlisted some of the factors that will help you around in finding the best nebulizer. Read along.

a) Medication type

Medications differ from patients to patients. Some patients have a certain degree of medication prescribed to them whilst others have other types prescribed to them. It is always handy that you consult with your doctor pre-hand about what sort of nebulizer you should go with.

b) Operation and performance

The mode of operation and performance of nebulizer depends on the need of yours. If you need to use the equipment on the go, then battery-powered nebulizer would be the best for you. And if you’re looking for something that you can use on a regular basis at home, then a table-top version would do good.

c) Where to buy?

One of the major factors to take into consideration while buying a nebulizer is the place where you buy it. Nebulizers these days are found online and offline markets with ease and getting the best fit for yourself from these sources is what we all seek. Look for the type of nebulizer you’d prefer and see the price and offers for them. That way you can find the best piece for yourself.

d) Speed and delivery of medicine

Nebulizer works on the concept of changing the liquid medication into mist for breathing. This process does take time ranging from 0.15ml/min to 0.70 ml/min based on different brands. If you’re someone suffering from asthma then something like a nebulizer with high delivery rate for instant medication would do good for you.

e) Persons who would use it

Nebulizers are normally used by patients of all age groups, children to adults. It is advised that you seek for whom you’d want the nebulizer and buy it accordingly. If it’s the adult that you’re looking for, then you should buy the nebulizer accordingly. And if it’s the child, then the child based nebulizer would be the best.

f) Noise factors and the obstruction due to it

Nebulizers do make sound as they turn the liquid medication into the mist for use. The sound levels may not seem much during the day but at night time, this may impact the surroundings. So if you’re looking for the nebulizer that you can use at night time too, then go for the ones that are silent and do not make much noise.

g) Ease while using

Nebulizers previously were quite tough to use for and needed to be handled with care under the supervision of the trained medical personnel. But they have certainly become more easier to use for as the time has preceded. These days, the nebulizer come with easy design aspect to use for and are pretty simple and ergonomic. So opt for the one that won’t cause much difficulty while using.

h) Cost price of the nebulizer

Last but not the least, one of the major points to cover while seeking a nebulizer is the cost price of it. Nebulizers are found at different price spectrums and having one for yourself that suits your needs is the best. Don’t go just for the namesake or for the higher price just for the sake of it. Go for something functional and one that will give you the best value for return. And don’t forget to check for the warranty as normally many nebulizer come with at least 2 years of warranty.

Types of Nebulizer

Moving ahead with the nebulizer, its better if we look into the types of it before going into the products. Nebulizer comes in two different variants as mechanical and electronic with different sub-variants of it following them. We here classify and brief both of these down below. Join along.

a) Mechanical based Nebulizer

Mechanical based nebulizer refers to the nebulizers that can be manually operated are are either powered with the compressed air or oxygen. These nebulizers convert the liquid based medication into the mist for the better efficiency of the inhalation. It further comes in two types as:

  • Soft mist inhaler: These type of inhaler needs to be rotated on the clockwise basis for the medication to flow. Here the rotation needs to be done from the bottom and offers a spring that releases the energy and allows for the pressure on the flexible liquid based container. It allows the flow of 2 nozzles of mist.
  • Human based powered Nebulizer: This one comes with pedaling feature which can be done either by hand or by cranking the air flow via its pistons. It is quite effective and comes priced pretty low than others and is equally portable. It is also electricity free nebulizer.

b) Electric based Nebulizers

These type of nebulizer comes with a requirement of a power source which will help function it. It comes in different variations which are mentioned down below:

  • Jet Nebulizer: Jet based nebulizers are also known as the atomic nebulizers and are based on the principle that the use of compressed air will provide the liquid medication to convert into the fine aerosol for conversion. It does create more sound than other nebulizers and is a bit heavy on the weight than most.
  • Vibrating mesh based nebulize: This one is one of the modern nebulizers available around and comes with a functioning principle of use of vibrating laser drilling which along with its membrane allows the refining of the droplet into a fine mist that can be inhaled. It is pretty ergonomic piece as it reduces the wastage of the medication and also produces less heating but does tend to be a bit high on the price levels.
  • Ultrasonic wave based nebulizer: This one is one of the oldest ones around and has been running around since the 1960’s. It comes with the principle of mechanical based vibrations that use the piezoelectric element for the generation of high frequency based ultrasonic waves. This creates a vapour of the mist and is pretty noiseless when compared to others.

These are the types of nebulizers that are on offer in the market and we would further reach out with the benefits of nebulizer before going for the products of our review section. Continue along. 

Benefits of Nebulizer

Nebulizer comes with its set of benefits and is a reason why it has been exquisitely used along in the medical and health sector. We enlist some of the benefits of it down below for you. Read along.

a) Effective medication for patients

The one great thing about nebulizer is that it allows the medicine to directly reach the place where it should be intended to, i.e. your lungs. Nebulizers comes with the feature which via inhalation allows the medication to get in contact with your lungs unlike the conventional method where the medicine goes through the gastrointestinal procedure to your blood vessels and finally to the respiratory tract. This way the patient need not to wait for longer period for the medicine impact to kick in. Nebulizer infact cuts the time from over 30 minutes for impact creation via the oral method to just 5 minutes via this.

b) Precursor for prevention of respiratory problems

Nebulizers act as the precursor for the treatment of respiratory based problems and provides help in taking care of the acute breathing emergencies. It also helps to cure the long term based bronchitis and also keeps the bronchial tubes open when the nebulizers are often used.

c) Easy to use

Nebulizers are pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it. It is different to inhalers where you need to breathe in so that you can release the medicine in it while the nebulizers creates the mist which you can breathe in pretty easily. It is also portable (many of nebulizers are portable) and can be pretty useful for people. It also helps to take the full dose of medicine in just 5 to 10 minutes.

d) Lesser side effects

Nebulizer allows for lesser side effects when compared to the ingestion of the medicine via the oral method. Normally with the oral based medications, it can be seen that people generally go through headache, or tremors or even the rapidness in the heartbeat. Nebulizer addresses those problems and keeps them at bay. 

Best Nebulizers in India in 2021 

1: Dr Trust Bestest Plus Compressor Nebulizer Machine Kit (White)


Placed at the top of our list is the one from Dr Trust, a well known name when it comes to the medical equipment. This one comes with great features and markings that makes it a cut above the rest. It has a separate chamber that allows for the carrying of the medicine and also host of other accessories that may prove vital.

It also has flow adjuster for better airflow. It has a 8 ml chamber that allows for the adjustment of the flow. It is pretty handy to use for and has a low level of sound. It comes pre-equipped with 2 different masks and mouthpiece for multiple person use. It can be used by all age-groups. It has a 1 year warranty and performs pretty well when it comes to performance.


  • Beautiful design aspect
  • Separate chamber for medicine storage
  • Flow adjuster for mist
  • Pre-equipped with 2 different masks and mouthpiece
  • Performs great when compared to other nebulizers.


  • The separate chamber for medicine can loosen up and spill the medicine
  • It cannot be used for pediatric baby of 0-1 years.



2: Omron NE C28 Compressor Nebulizer For Child and Adult With Virtual Valve Technology


Next up in our list is the one from Omron, another renowned brand for medical equipment around the globe. This one is a pretty good choice for people looking for a close to perfect nebulizer for home. It can be used by both the adults and the child.

Omron has equipped this with a nebulizer rate of 0.4 mm and comes with a mmd of approx. 5 micrometer. The packet features compressor, air tubes, nebulizer kit, child mask and adult mask along with a mouth piece.

This one uses just 138VA of power and comes with 1 years of warranty which can be extended further to 3 years upon the showcase of original warranty.


  • Suitable for both child and adult
  • Uses less power
  • Comes with 3 years of warranty
  • Great performance


  • After sales service is left lot to be desired


3: Healthgenie Compressor Nebulizer Complete Kit


Healthgenie with its compressor nebulizer comes third in our list. This nebulizer features high quality performance which aids in reducing the inflammation of the patients and helps provide instant relieve from the nasal congestion. It also helps relieve the sinus for patients.

It comes with a medication capacity of 5m and has a compressor flow of 6-8lpm. It offers the rate of 0.2 ml/min for nebulization. The company packs in 1 pc of nebulizer kit along with air tube and 2 mask, each for adult and child so multiple person usage. It can be used along by all the health group and comes with a 1 year of warranty.


  • High quality performance
  • Comes with a medication capacity of 5 m.
  • Equipped with both adult and child mask.


  • Air flow may sometime fluctuate a bit



4: Agaro Compressor Nebulizer – NB 21 Complete Kit with Child & Adult Mask


Ranked at fourth in our list is the one from Agaro with its complete compressor nebulizer kit. This one has reliable based aerosol treatment and offers a medicinal capacity of 6ml. It has ultrafine particle clearance filter and features low noise operation. It comes loaded with the compressor nebulizer, cup for nebulizing, mouth piece along with the adult and child mask.

It is known for its low noise operation and effectiveness in curing the cases of cough, asthma, COPD, bronchitis and more. The nebulizer used a power supply of 230V/50 Hz and has a 1 year warranty.


  • Low noise functioning
  • Effective treatment for cough, COPD, bronchitis and more
  • Equipped with ultrafine particle clearance filter


  • The nebulizing rate may be a bit slow compared to other brands


5: Omron NEC 101 Compressor Nebulizer For Child & Adult (White)


Another one from Omron in our list, this one is definitely one for the you if you’re looking at something that could offer your better treatment as against the respiratory issues. This one comes with easy nebulization aspect and has a medication capacity of 12 ml, something that is not seen on other pieces. It has a user-friendly usage function and can be used at a touch of a button.

This nebulizer is known to last long and comes with an uncompromising position. It has a respiratory health ease with the ability of particle size of 3.9 micron and comes with support for both the child and the adult. It features 360 degree nebulization for better respiratory care.


  • User friendly function
  • 12 ml medication capacity
  • 360-degree nebulization support
  • Usable by both child and adults
  • Can run on a touch of a button.


  • Lack of pediatric mask
  • Babies may hit the medicine counter while in use



6: Dr Trust Bestest Compressor Nebulizer Machine Kit (White)


Another entry for Dr Trust in our list, this compressor based nebulizer machine comes with plenty of features. It has a flow adjuster which allows the user to adjust the nebulization between the levels of 0.5-5ml/min. It can store the medicine up to 8ml and has an atomizing feature that allows the medicine to offer effective results.

It come with a portable option and is pretty handy to use for. It can operate at a low level of noise making it a great choice for home and more. It also comes with 2 different masks for kid and adult so that multiple users can use it. It also has a mouthpiece via which you can intake the medication. It comes with 1 years of warranty.


  • Flow adjuster option
  • Handy in size makes it portable
  • Low noise offering
  • 8 ml medicine storage


  • Vapor flow controllable may seem loose at certain times.



7: Gent-X Piston Compressure Nebulizer with complete kit child and adult mask for baby,kid and adult 2 year extended warranty



This time its from Gent-X making its entry into our list. This one is a state of the art compressor based nebulizer that offers a great medication for child and adults. It also come with atomizing function that offers the reaching of medicine to the patients respiratory tract more easier. It has a low level of noise functioning and comes with reliable based aerosol treatment.

It can store a medicinal capacity of over 6 ml and has an ultrafine particle filter. It comes equipped with nebulizer, mouth piece, mask for child and adult, air tube and 5 pcs of filters to be used along. It also has 2 years of warranty unlike others who offer only 1 year of warranty.


  • State of art nebulizer
  • 6 ml medicinal storage
  • Mask for child and adult
  • 2 years of warranty


  • Questions mark remain on the build quality



8. Philips Home Nebulizer with SideStream Disposable Kit (White)


Placed at eight in our ranking is the one from Philips with its Sidestream disposable home nebulizer. This one comes with fast drug output that allows for the faster treatment times. This one is known for its performance is comes with a choice of nebulizers that allows for the lesser costs for patients.

It’s SideStream based technology allows for more effective performance and has better performance output than its counterparts.


  • SideStream technology
  • Comes with choice of nebulizers
  • Effective performance


  • Isn’t much preferred when it comes to nebulizers



9: Sahyog Wellness Portable Traveller Mesh Nebulizer with USB Port with Nebulizer Kit Including Adult and Child Mask



This one from Sahyog is one of the portable based nebulizer that comes with a USB based port and has a option for both adult and child. It has wellness feature that allows for better performance of the medication and supports the patients well.

It comes with a traveler mesh and is handy for anyone who wants to have a nebulizer with themselves all the while traveling. This nebulizer has been used well by all the patients with high glaze for the performance.


  • Traveler based nebulizer
  • Equipped with USB port
  • Comes with adult and child support


  • Isn’t fully functional as like that of other nebulizer



10: Thermocare Piston Compressure Nebulizer with complete kit nebulizer


Another of the high quality nebulizers found in the market, this one comes with a high quality base and comes with state of the art feature. It has atomizing feature that allows the medicine to flow into the lungs of the patients with ease and offers better treatment.

It also has a reliable based aerosol treatment and has a 6 ml medicinal capacity. It also has ultrafine particle filter and comes with effective solution for cough, asthma, COPD and more.


  • High quality built quality
  • State of the art feature
  • Reliable aerosol treatment


  • The nebulizing air flow might get affected sometimes.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) How do we clean a nebulizer

Cleaning a nebulizer is pretty easy and doesn’t take much toll. A properly cleaned nebulizer will provide better performance and functioning and will help it last long. Here’s how you can clean it off:

  • You can clean the nebulizer by the use of distilled vinegar and warm water. Just mix them up in a ratio of 1:3 and place your nebulizer in the vinegar-warm water solution to soak in.
  • Let it soak for over 30 mins and then you can take it off the solution and rinse it thoroughly with water.
  • Let it dry so that it doesn’t have any water droplets. You can also use a cloth to wipe off the water droplets of it.

2) Can nebulizer be used by an asthma patient?

Nebulizers can certainly be used by asthma patients as they are rightly designed for their usage. Nebulizers help to cure the respiratory problems that an asthma patient have. It allows for the ingestion of liquid medicine directly into a mist for the easy and better breathing.

3) Can a baby use a nebulizer? Is it safe for kids?

Nebulizer is certainly safe to use for babies and kids. It has been known to help around in the cure of RSV-respiratory syncytical virus that is known to be found in the infants, toddlers and kids. Nebulizers doesn’t have any side effects on the babies and can be used by them.

4) Are nebulizers noisy and create much sound?

Previously nebulizers were known to be a sound obstruction and created much noise upon usage. But these days, nebulizers have become a more modern option where the sounds are negligible. Although, if you use it for a long period of time, then the nebulizer is bound to create a sound. Nevertheless you can still go for the silent nebulizers.

5) How long will a nebulizer last?

Nebulizer lasts pretty long and isn’t prone to breaking or damage much. But it is advised that you keep the parts clean and tidy to make it last long. You can also change the mouthpiece or the mast of the nebulizer from time to time after a 6 month period to keep it working properly. Nebulizer generally works well for over 2-3 years depending upon the usage condition.

6) Are there any side effects of nebulizer?

Nebulizer should always be used with utmost care and caution. Reason being that since it’s a medical assistance equipment you should not neglect the proper care and usage of it. There are not much side effects of nebulizer if it is used properly. However, if it has been used without care then some issues like dizziness, headache, insomnia, nausea may occur.

7) How many times can you use a nebulizer in a day?

Nebulizer can be used for over 3 to 4 times a day. That’s what the general perception is. But it can vary according to the prescription of the doctor. Consult your doctor further on how many times you can use it in a day.

8) Which nebulizer works best for home?

For home based usage, a mid to large nebulizer will work best. It also depends on the patients that are going to use it. Is it a child or a adult that will use the nebulizer. Choose your piece depending on the usage and requirement of yours.



Nebulizer are one of the great medical assistance equipment around and it has certainly proved beneficial when it comes to the treatment and assistance of the cases like asthma, flu, bronchitis and major cases like COPD. Previously nebulizers were limited to hospitals and health centers only but these days they have changed the course to being readily suitable for home usage too.

It is certainly a good thing that nebulizer can be easily used at home resulting in better and efficient treatment of patients. It also allows the patient to ingest the medicine quickly and easily without the difficulty that may arise with the oral based medicine. We covered the best of the lot suitable for all age groups and patients as part of our review series. Do let us know your thoughts down below.

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