10 Best Multimeters Under 1000 Rs. In India 2022 – Buying Tips and Guide

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When it comes to troubleshooting electrical circuits, multimeters are an efficient tool to opt for. They also come in handy for measuring voltage, current, continuity, and other things easily. Most people in India use digital multimeters to perform electrical measurements. Since they are easy to use and reliable, it is worth using these tools instead of analog multimeters.

Digital multimeters provide accurate results even with small changes in the parameter. Moreover, if you deal with electronic and electrical projects and circuits, then this is a crucial tool to have with you. The cost-effectiveness and high usability of digital multimeters make them an ideal choice for most applications. Also, they provide high performance to test different instruments efficiently.

However, it is not that simple to pick the right digital multimeter out of multiple options in the Indian market. So, in this article, we have listed the best digital pocket multimeters in India that are priced under option 1000 rupees. Also, some important factors are there at the end of the article that you can consider while buying a pocket multimeter for your work.

Best Multimeters Under Rs 1000 In India

Here you go:

1: Schofic Plastic Digital LCD Pocket Multimeter:

This pocket multimeter has a small and compact design for ease of use. It is great for use in factories, schools, laboratories, and other such locations for troubleshooting purposes. The multimeter is made of premium quality material to offer high durability and practical performance. This device can help you troubleshoot several automotive items efficiently. The multimeter comes with a large digital display and color-coded LEDs for better usability.

This multimeter can measure resistance, frequency, AC and DC voltage, AC and DC current, continuity, etc. So, by using this one device, you can measure all these things efficiently. Moreover, the product comes with instructions for current measurement, voltage measurement, resistance measurement, transistor & diode test, capacitance measurement, continuity test, etc. Therefore, you can use this multimeter without any hassle.

The Schofic pocket multimeter can measure up to 1000V DC and 700V AC. It also includes an instruction manual that guides you on how to measure different parameters safely. The device has frequency measurement double current fuses, a PTC protection circuit for resistance, and other circuitry for safety.


  • It features a compact and small design for a better experience.
  • Both AC and DC voltage can be measured with this device.
  • Includes instructions for ease of use.


  • The quality of the probe is not good.


2: Ekavir Digital Pocket Multimeter:

If you are looking for a mini multimeter to carry wherever you want in your pocket, then this device is the right choice for you. This is a handheld device and shows the readings in three digits. The multimeter has a simple and unique design that allows you to perform the measurements with ease. This compact digital multimeter enables you to troubleshoot multiple devices with ease.

The durable design makes this pocket multimeter excellent for most applications. It can be used for measuring AC and DC current, AC and DC voltage, diode, transistor, temperature, capacitance, frequency, etc. The multimeter is powered by a 9V battery and offers excellent performance in measuring all these parameters.

It can measure maximum AC voltage of 700 volts and maximum DC voltage of 1000 volts. The device has an LCD screen to display the readings. Moreover, it weighs only 280 grams and comes with fuse protection which makes it very easy to use this multimeter.


  • The multimeter has a simple design for better usability.
  • It can measure several parameters with ease.
  • This digital multimeter is light in weight for a better experience.


  • None so far


3: Uni-T Ut-33D Digital Pocket Multimeter:

This pocket multimeter is an excellent choice for measuring several parameters. It is a general-purpose multimeter and can be used for most electronic applications. The device is made of high-quality materials to last for a long time and offer high performance. The UNI-T digital pocket multimeter offers excellent performance to let you measure the parameters effectively.

This digital multimeter can be used for measuring continuity, square wave output, resistance, AC and DC voltage, AC and DC current, etc. It can also be used for testing diode & transistors, indicate low battery, and many other purposes. The general-purpose digital multimeter meets the safety standards of double insulation to offer the desired results.

Further, it comes with overvoltage protection and fuse protection for safety. The unique design makes this pocket multimeter an excellent choice for most electronic devices. The digital pocket multimeter weighs only 179 grams for maximum portability. This multimeter requires 2 A batteries for operation. However, these batteries are included with this product, so you don’t need to buy them separately.


  • This multimeter has durable construction for long-lasting performance.
  • It is ideal for all types of electronic applications.
  • The device is designed with safety standards of double insulation.


  • Accuracy issues.


4: Rashri MAS830L Digital Pocket Multimeter:

The Rashri digital multimeter has a premium design that looks attractive and suits many electronic applications. It is a high-quality digital multimeter and is suitable for measuring several parameters. With this pocket multimeter, you can measure temperature, voltage, current, continuity, and many other things. This device has a 3½ digits LCD screen to display the readings efficiently.

The maximum voltage that can be measured with this multimeter is 600V AC and 600V DC. The digital pocket multimeter comes with fuse protection of FF400mA/1000V for safety purposes. Moreover, this multimeter has an automatic feature that indicates the functions and symbols automatically while measuring.

The digital multimeter is constructed using high-quality materials that offer high durability and high performance. Further, the high-quality probes allow you to perform your measurements with ease. This pocket multimeter is battery-operated and comes with a 9V battery for ease of use. Those who need a mini multimeter for their work can consider buying this product.


  • It is a premium quality multimeter and offers excellent results.
  • The LCD screen shows the readings in 3½ digits.
  • The pocket multimeter comes with a battery.


  • Quality improvement is needed.


5: Robodo XTSDMM Dt830d Digital Pocket Multimeter:

Buyers who are looking for a good quality multimeter for their work can consider buying this pocket multimeter. This pocket multimeter comes with instructions to allow you to measure the parameters easily. You can follow these instructions to measure different parameters and troubleshoot your electronic devices with the help of this pocket multimeter.

The small and compact design makes this digital multimeter ideal for your daily needs. If you need a mini multimeter for voltage checking, continuity checking, etc., then you can opt for this product. By using this digital multimeter, you can measure DC voltage & current, AC voltage & current, resistance, battery, continuity, temperature, etc.

To measure voltage, current, resistance, battery, diode, and continuity, you can connect the red probe of your multimeter to the v 0 ma jack and the black probe to the common jack. If you want to test a current of more than 200mA, then connect the red probe to the OADC jack and the black probe to the common jack. To test the temperature, you need to connect the temperature probe as per instructions.


  • It has a compact design for high usability.
  • This multimeter is ideal for many electronic applications.
  • There are instructions to use this multimeter effectively.


  • Some users have received defective products.


6: Mextech Mas830l 3 Digit Digital Pocket Multimeter:

The Mextech digital multimeter is a multirange multimeter with a backlight to perform accurate measurements of different parameters. It has a 3½ digit display with 1999 counts to offer high performance. The digital multimeter can measure 600 AC and DC voltage which is enough for most applications. The multimeter has a unique design to offer a better experience.

The pocket-size digital multimeter can be operated in a temperature range from 0 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius. The operating humidity of this multimeter is less than 75% RH. You can store this digital pocket multimeter in a temperature range from -10 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius. This multimeter has a polarity indication for negative polarity for easy usability.

Another efficient feature of this multimeter is the data hold function. The data hold function allows you to hold the readings for some time to take a note. After measuring a parameter, you can press the hold button to hold the readings. It is made of high-quality ABS plastic material to offer high durability. So, you can use this pocket multimeter for your work efficiently for a long time.


  • It has a data hold function for a better experience.
  • The polarity indication feature allows you to use this multimeter efficiently.
  • The unique design makes this digital multimeter ideal for most applications.


  • Issues with the overload fuse.


7: RC Enterprises T-266 Digital Pocket Multimeter:

This is a perfect multimeter for buyers who need a good multimeter at an affordable price. The multimeter has a convenient handle on the top to let you carry it with you wherever you want. It can measure both AC voltage and DC voltage and help you in troubleshooting electronic circuits efficiently. The instrument is suitable for both domestic and commercial applications.

Since the instrument is equipped with an overload protection feature, it will not get damaged in case of overload. Further, the auto-off feature switches of this device automatically when it is idle for 10 minutes to save energy. This clamp multimeter is ideal for measuring voltage, current, resistance, and several other parameters effectively.

You can also use this instrument to troubleshoot electrical circuits safely. If you are looking for a basic multimeter for voltage & current measurements, continuity checks, etc., then you can consider using this small multimeter. This multimeter can also be used for heavy ampere measurements.


  • A 9-volt battery is included with this multimeter for ease of use.
  • The unique clamp design makes it very easy to handle this instrument.
  • The multimeter is light in weight which makes it highly portable.


  • Slow operation.


8: Freshdcart DT-266 Digital Pocket Multimeter:

This digital multimeter has a convenient design to suit most applications. If you are looking for an effective multimeter for measuring AC & DC voltage, continuity, current, and other such parameters of an electrical circuit, then you can consider using this digital multimeter. This multimeter is an excellent choice for both professional and domestic applications.

By using the DT-266 digital multimeter, you can measure ampere or make electrical measurements with ease. The digital multimeter has an LCD screen to view the measurement results to you effectively. This LCD screen enables you to see the measurement results even during the night without any hassle. It weighs only 331 grams that makes it ideal for carrying.

You can use this multimeter in your home or in commercial jobs with ease. It includes a user manual and an AA battery to ensure ease of operation. The LCD display can show 3½ digits with a maximum reading of 1999. The data hold function enables you to take a quick note of the measurement result for future use. Further, it has a low battery indication feature to let you know when the battery is low.


  • The pocket-size design enhances the usability of this instrument.
  • It is ideal for both professional and domestic uses.
  • The clear LCD screen allows you to view the results efficiently.


  • Performance issues.


9: Generic Portable LCD Digital Pocket Multimeter:

This is a high-quality clamp multimeter for measuring different parameters. The instrument has a premium LCD screen to display the measurement results effectively. With the help of this multimeter, you can measure resistance, voltage, current, diode, and many other things. Moreover, the pocket multimeter is easy to use because of its simple design and durable construction.

The clamp multimeter is light in weight and highly portable to let you carry it wherever you want. It can also be used for troubleshooting purposes to solve the problems in your electrical circuits. The multimeter is also ideal for testing continuity with a buzzer sound. If you are looking for an affordable multimeter for your work, then you can consider using this clamp multimeter.

This multimeter is made in India and ideal for several electronic applications. It weighs only 390 grams which is very easy to carry with you. It is operated with two AAA batteries which are included with it. The Generic digital clamp multimeter is also an excellent option for general applications. You can use this multimeter for both commercial and domestic purposes.


  • It has a stylish and compact design to suit most applications.
  • This multimeter is simple to use.
  • Batteries are included with this instrument.


  • Performance issues.


10: Spartan RX-266 Digital Pocket Multimeter:

This is a brilliant multimeter for general measuring tasks. The multimeter features a non-contact voltage detection function with a sensor that detects the voltage and prevents electric shocks without touching any wire. Also, it features a light and sound alarm when detects a live wire or AC voltage. With the help of this multimeter, you can measure AC and DC voltage, resistance, capacitance, diode, etc.

The digital multimeter is specially designed for troubleshooting electrical circuits and electronic applications. The premium design enables you to use this instrument safely and correctly. With true RMS and auto-ranging features, the multimeter allows you to perform the measurements with no issues.

The compact design allows you to keep this multimeter in your pocket or toolkit efficiently. You can simply connect the probes to the points of the circuit to measure the parameters. The low battery indication feature allows you to know the battery status of the instrument. Also, it has an auto shut-off feature that switches off it automatically when it is idle for 15 minutes.


  • The clamp multimeter has a robust construction.
  • The true RMS reading feature offers high accuracy.
  • Small and compact design suits pocket and toolkits.


  • None so far.


How To Choose The Best Multimeters in India

Because of high performance and easy usability, most people prefer using digital multimeters over analog ones. But when it comes to buying the best pocket digital multimeter for your use, you may get confused with numerous options. However, you can consider the following factors to get the right digital multimeter for your work.

  • Accuracy:

Accuracy is the first thing that you will need to look for while buying a digital multimeter. If the multimeter is not accurate, then it is not worth buying. The multimeter should provide accurate readings so that you can measure the voltage, current, and other parameters correctly.

  • Quality:

If the multimeter that you are purchasing is of low quality, then you can’t use the product efficiently. Also, it will not last long and break after a few days of use. So, you should consider the quality of the multimeter before buying it to get a brilliant product for your work.

Moreover, you can check the reviews of the multimeter to ensure that you are buying a good product. If you purchase a high-quality digital pocket multimeter, then you will not face any issues while using the instrument. You can perform every measurement excellently without any hassle.

  • Resolution:

This is another essential factor to consider when choosing the right digital multimeter for your work. The resolution of the multimeter is the smallest reading of the scale that can be measured. If you know the resolution of your digital multimeter, then you can know the small changes that you can measure with this instrument.

For instance, a digital multimeter that has a resolution of 1 mV on the 10 V. Then, you can see the changes in the reading in 1 mV. This way, the resolution of the digital multimeter is important to look for.

  • Safety:

While buying a digital multimeter, safety is a crucial thing to consider. It should be designed with safety guidelines to enable you to take the measurements without any hassle. In areas where risks are higher, the safety ratings of the multimeter are very important. In such conditions, the safety of the engineers is the first priority.

This is why you will need to check the safety features in the digital multimeter to ensure appropriate performance. Also, you can check the user manual of the multimeter to use it appropriately.

  • Auto-Ranging:

This feature lets the instrument measure the parameters efficiently by determining the rage automatically. If the digital multimeter has an auto-ranging feature, then it can enable you to measure the parameters without any hassle. For instance, if your multimeter is showing 14.21 V instead of 0.01421 V, then this is due to the auto-ranging feature. So, make sure that the multimeter has the auto-ranging feature before buying it.

  • Warranty:

When looking for the best digital multimeter to buy, you will also need to consider the warranty of the instrument for better usability. Therefore, you should opt for a pocket multimeter that has a good warranty period to ensure long-lasting performance and save money.

  • Parameters to Measure:

Digital multimeters are used for measuring several parameters such as voltage, current, temperature, frequency, continuity, etc. Further, different multimeters can measure these parameters in different ranges. So, it is crucial to check the number of parameters and their ranges that can be measured by the digital multimeter before purchasing. If you are going to use the instrument in high applications, then you should look for an instrument that is capable of measuring the parameters in a long-range.

  • The Number of Counts:

Usually, digital pocket multimeters have 1999 counts. This means that the instrument can display a maximum of 1999 numbers. For better reliability, you can look for an instrument that has a greater number of counts.

Multimeters Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which battery is used in a multimeter?

The battery size depends upon the type of multimeter that you use. However, generally, multimeters use a 9V battery to operate.

  1. How to measure frequency with a multimeter?

Start by pressing the Hz/C/F option on the multimeter to start the frequency measurement mode. Then connect the test leads to the VΩHz and the COM as required. Then you can test the leads and see the measurement on your display.

  1. Can I measure temperature with the multimeter?

Yes, you can easily measure the temperature with the multimeter. Just press the Hz/C/F button for a couple of seconds on the multimeter and select the temperature mode. This will activate the temperature measurement in Celsius. If you further press the Hz/C/F button then it will showcase in Fahrenheit measurement. Then simply test the leads and you can find the temperature.

  1. Does the multimeter have an auto-switch-off button?

Yes, most of the multimeters come with an automatic switch-off button. The auto switch-off activates in left unused for 15 minutes. Once it’s off you can switch on the multimeter by simply pressing on any button.

  1. Can the auto-switch-off button be deactivated?

The auto switch-off buttons are placed to provide safety and battery saver features and thus cannot be disabled.

  1. Can I save readings on my multimeter?

Multimeters do come with a save memory and can store readings to it. However, the save memory differs from one multimeter to another. Some of them come with minimum save memory while possess save the memory of up to 400.

  1. Can I find pocket-sized multimeters?

Yes, you can find pocket-sized multimeters that are portable and easy to carry around while providing a full range of features like the larger handheld multimeter.

  1. Can multimeters measure transistors?

Yes, a multimeter supports the measurement of the transistors and can easily measure them. Use the port for the transistors and find an accurate measurement of it.

  1. Can we measure DC with the multimeter?

Most of the entry-level multimeters only support AC level current measurement and don’t support the DC levels. However, you can measure high voltage with any multimeter.

  1. Can I test diodes with the multimeter?

Normally, entry-level multimeters do not support the measurement of the diodes. However, you can measure the diodes with other multimeters in the higher range. So if you need to measure the diodes look for something in the mid-range options.

  1. What is the display type in the multimeter?

Generally, the multimeter comes with an LCD digital display. The display is placed either on the top side or the bottom side based on the design of the multimeter.

  1. What is the measurement range of the multimeter?

Generally, a multimeter in the low to medium range can measure the frequency of up to 700V in AC and 1000V in DC. However, some entry-level multimeters can only measure the AC. Choose wisely when you look to buy a multimeter.


Digital multimeters have many advantages over analog ones because of their design, performance, easy usability, and cost-effectiveness. The pocket multimeters that are listed in this article are the best ones in the Indian market. So, you can consider them while buying the right digital multimeter for your use. Also, you can consider the above factors while selecting the best digital pocket multimeter for your use.

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