10 Best Currency (Note) Counting Machines in India 2022 – Reviews and Quick Guide

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Are you looking for an ideal note counting machine that is helpful for commercial use or a bank? If yes, then you will have a better idea after going to read the blog. No doubt, buying the best note machine is quite confusing.  Banking sectors and individuals who deal with a large number of transactions can consider the counting machine.

Whether you have a small business or a large business that handles a lot of cash flow, a currency counting machine is important. The counting machine helps you to easily and quickly count each note. Infect, with the help of the counting device you will becomes clear about the fake currency.

Counting hundreds of Money Bills or notes with precision is one of the tedious tasks. You can go through money bills several times, and the risk of human error stills remains. No doubt that the easiest option to get this issue eradicated is by using the Indian Currency Counting Machine. These are getting widely popular in India, and you can easily choose the best one online.

No doubt that it is typical to get out of this confusion. The number of brands, features, services, and other aspects makes it typical. But if you want to end this confusion and want to get the best one of all kinds then you should be looking after the top brands. However, we sorted it out and found some of the best ones to help you out.

🏆Best Currency Note Counting Machines in India 2022🏆

We handpicked some of the top rated Currency counting machines based on their accuracy, ease of use, and durable design aspect. Side aspects like compact design, warranty, reviews, and price of product are also taken into consideration to come up with this list of top 10 best Indian Currency Note counting machines. Let’s have a look –

1: Godrej Crusader Lite

Godrej is a reputed brand and well-known for its high-quality products. From the manufacturing of lockers to Note counting Machines, Godrej covers everything. The purchase of Godrej Crusader Lite is the best choice on a budget and offers a range of impressive features in one place. It can count Loose Notes and help you detect fake currency at the same time.

It has automatic detection which works on UV rays to ensure that everything is going to be all right. There is a large TFT screen to provide essential details regarding the number of notes, and other stats. The placement of notes is not a major concern when going with these note counting machines over the other ones.


  • Adequate build quality
  • Quirky eye-catchy features
  • Large TFT display
  • Durable build quality


  • No cons reported


2: ooze Note Counting /Currency Counting Machine Note Counting Machine

When it comes to the purchase of affordable money counting machines, ooze is quite a reliable brand. They are offering a range of options and among most of them, ooze Note Counting /Currency Counting Machine Note Counting Machine is widely loved for its compact and highly reliable design.

The Batch button can be activated to remove a set number of notes from a bundle. It comes with high precision electronic components with a high-speed motor and a large TFT display. Besides, 2 further displays are providing for the customer. Moreover, the machine is highly advanced and comes with 1 power cable, 1 external display. That is must buying product for each enterprise and professional businesses.


  • It has an impressive build quality.
  • It also has automatic detection of UV Rays.
  • There is a LED display for multiple operations
  • It has quite eased to use interface.


  • Slightly tricky to use


3: GOBBLER 8888-E Mix Note Value Counting Business-Grade Machine

One of the accurate and sturdy designs is offered by GOBBLER 8888-E Mix Note Value Counting Business-Grade Machine. It works on advanced Japanese sensors and is capable of offering an impressive number of features in one place. It comes at a mid-range price point which makes it highly reliable.

It can easily calculate mixed notes and detect fake ones. There are UV sensors to detect fake or folded currencies so that you get accurate results. The manufacturer is offering warranty and firmware updates for future currencies till this date. It can handle 200 notes in a single go that’s why you can consider it as a great option.


  • It can handle 200 notes in a single time.
  • Calculate mix notes and their value.
  • Fake note detection feature.
  • It has a large display to provide basic details.


  • It comes at a slightly expensive price point.


4: Swaggers Latest Updated Money Counting Machine

In case you are willing to buy something sturdy, affordable, and easy to use money counting machine then Swaggers Latest Updated Money Counting Machine is a remarkable option. From build to design, everything works perfectly. It can handle several types of notes, and it can also detect fake currency with ease.

You can get free extra display and accessories and a cleaning brush with it. Make sure. That is must buying product for offices, shops, industries, and other cash handling places. Those who have a small business and too much have a traveling work can prefer this money counting machine and have great use.


  • The automatic fake note detection sensor
  • Handle 100 pieces of notes
  • The hopper capacity is 200 pcs.
  • Comes with one year of warranty


  • Self-examination of fake currency doesn’t work in few cases.


5: GOBBLER PX5388 Business-Grade Note Counting Machine

In case you are looking for something affordable, then going with the purchase of GOBBLER PX5388 Business-Grade Note Counting Machine is an adequate choice. It features higher accuracy along with stunning speed to get you the best use of all kinds. It has an intelligent fake note detection system to help to figure out fake currency with ease.

There is a color LCD that provides all the important details regarding the number of notes, mixed currency, and others. There are additional functions that make it a quirky choice. The heavy-duty material and the use of the material are good enough to grab your attention. Due to all these features and a great design, you can consider this over the other ones.


  • Sturdy, built to last, and has great durability.
  • Most reviews are positive regarding this machine.
  • Intelligence note detection system to prevent further issues.
  • Color LED to provide all the details in one place.


  • Sometimes notes are stuck at high speed.


6: JD9 Note Counting/Currency Counting Machine

It doesn’t matter that if you want to buy a cheap counting machine or an expensive one, all your want is an accurate money counting machine. In that case, you can consider the purchase of the JD9 Note Counting/Currency Counting Machine. It is an all-rounder with the lowest price point that makes it better to prefer over the other ones.

It has a counting speed of 1000 notes per minute which makes it better to prefer. There are UV and MG fake note detection system to prevent you from further issues. It is also suitable for worldwide currencies. It can detect any kind of fake currency and offers ease of use. The only problem is, it is available in only white color which might seem like an issue to many.


  • This machine can count up to 1000 notes in one minute.
  • The design is compact to provide portability.
  • It supports worldwide currency and Indian currency also.
  • It has an accurate note counting system.


  • It can’t detect fake notes that seem like a major con as if you deal with a large number of money bills.


7: Trueview S12 Latest Updated Money Counting Machine

No doubt that the purchase of an expensive money counting machine doesn’t seem justifiable. Most of the manufacturers offering expensive machines even they don’t have anything to cost such an amount. That’s why going with something affordable and accurate money counting machine seems like a legit choice. You can consider several options but the Trueview S12 Latest Updated Money counting machine is the best one of all kind.

It has IR detection to get rid of fake currency and giving a proper update. You can check if there is any fake currency or not. There are smart sensors and the speed of this machine is 1000 notes per minute. There is a heavy-duty machine and the failure rate is negligible with this one. You can opt for mixed currencies and it will count all of them for you.


  • It can count up to 1000 money bills in one minute.
  • The price is affordable and completely justifiable.
  • The large display provides all the important details.
  • The manufacturer is offering one year of warranty on this product.
  • The build quality is adequate.


  • It might feel slightly buggy on continuous use.


8: Kores Easy Count 440 Currency Counting Machine (Grey)

The product comes with USD, mg detection, and IR detection. The machine is good enough for counting notes and easy to use. The prominent quality is, it works with a nonstop currency which is issued by the Reserve Bank of India. With a 2-hour working capacity, it provides 900 notes counting as per min. further qualities are half notes Detection, manual currency detection, and most important is counterfeit alarm prevents at the time of denomination.

According to size and weight, the machine is easy to carry and less expensive. If, the product finds any error the display color has been changing instantly. It also comes with automatic counting and self-checking feature that is quite impressive. The accuracy level is too good and also the speed is pretty much satisfactory.


  • Large display to operate several functions.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • It has a portable design.
  • It has a heavy-duty build quality.


  • Can’t reduce counting speed.


9: Bill Counter Cash Counting Machine/Currency Counting Machine

Bill Count is the latest counting machine is for the old and new Indian currency comes with a 1-year warranty. The machine can automatically detect the false notes by UV, MG, DD, and IR sensors. The product is too fast and as well its speed of counting is 1000 notes per minute. It can also automatically detect half-note, chain-note, and double-note.

It can detect the size of the note. Also comes with LCD Screen and can be set to manual or auto mode for feeding. The machine is not portable so you have to plug it in while using it. To set the sensitivity setting, you can easily use number pads. The machine can easily work with 2000, 50,500, and 200 notes.


  • A reliable option for first-time buyers
  • Comes for an affordable price point
  • Adequate display size
  • A fake note detection system


  • Few negative reviews regarding the accuracy


10: PRO BANKER 9900I Mixed Value Counter and Note Counting Machine 

Pro BANKER machine prepared with the DUAL HYBRID CDS technology, with a 1-year warranty. The product counts the Indian currency notes whether it is new, or old in legal tender. You can use its natural combination of IR and COLOUR SENSOR technology to identify various denominations. Infect, has an optional printing facility.

It comes with superior build quality with a heavy-duty motor for better classification performance. It has a dual identifying facility that seems like a unique feature. Users of this cash counting can easily see the fragment of the whole transaction on the report page by clicking the Print button. The UV, MG, MT, IR, and 3D 5-way detection identify all Fake notes and provide accurate denomination.


  • All the important accessories included
  • Smart function for fake note detection
  • Higher accuracy
  • Capacity to handle 100 notes/bills


  • A limited number of reviews


How to Choose the Best Note Counting Machine

The counting machines are offered by so many brands with quirky features. Thanks to technology, that can make your job and work simpler. It is highly advised to read the undermentioned points before purchasing the currency counting machine. They help you make a smart decision.

Provides Numerous Counting Options:

There are Three Various Types of Note Counting Machine:

  • Mixed Bill Counter Option: With this type of note counting, you can simply evaluate and displays the number of notes kept inside the machine regardless of their value. Let’s understand with an example- if you add 200 quantities of 500 rupee notes, and then it will display the 200 value.
  • Counter Option: That is the simplest option. This type of note counter evaluates the currency value and display each count. It shows the perfect synchronization between the currencies. Apart from that, it can also show the counting error while the denomination. Let us understand with an example- if you are counting 50 numbers of 500 rupee notes, then it will show the exact count as 50.
  • Bill Sorter Option: That is the combination of counter and mixed bill counter. It provides multiple trays for separating currencies into the sacks of their denomination.

Available in Two Different Types:

There are two types of note counter. The first is Electric Powered Note Counter. The second is Portable Note Counter

  • Electric Powered Note Counter: this type of counting machine can count large sums of denominations. It comes with an electric wire that needs to be plugged at the time of working. It provides several advanced features such as dual sorting trays, safety, security, and many more. For small business and commercial purposes, that is more suitable.
  • Portable Note Counter: This machine fully depends on a battery which is easy to transport. Such kinds of machines are less in weight and can count several notes. As compared to the electric counter it is easy to carry and suitable for portable booths and trade shows. It also comes with a counterfeit feature.

Save Time and Efforts:

The currency counting machine is usually calculated as several notes according to as per minute. To save more time, it is advised to choose the machine that has a capacity of counting 1000 to 1500 as per minute. Isn’t it is amazing? The speed quality sounds impressive and powerful. The counting machine which takes less time and in return gives you an advantage can be the best option.

Find the Counterfeit Detection and Error Feature:

Nowadays, forgery and fake not are common issues that can be faced by businesses. To stop the issues the Counterfeit Detection feature is the finest. Oftentimes a single unawareness causes a sky-scraping loss.  The detection feature has a good advantage from the side of technology. With this feature, multiple notes are feeding at the time of the counting process. Mainly the error and Counterfeit detection have two types. The first is a UV light Detector and the second is Magnetic sensors. Both check each piece of currency and rectify the features which are related to legitimate note.  If a doubtful note is caught then it stops for a minute and notifies you at that time. Sometimes the light alarm, warning beep, and visual effect are available in different machines.

Find the Advanced and Intelligence Feature:

Make sure the counting machine is not just stylish, also provides an advanced feature with smart intelligence feature. Such types of machines are very smart to guess the various operations within seconds. Most advanced machines can also distinguish the different denominations. These features display the final amount separated by the per note count.

Choose the Accuracy Level:

After the year 2016, counting machines are coming with new features. As you know, humans can make a mistake while counting a large amount of cash but counting machines hardly makes a mistake. You should ensure that all notes are kept separate while counting.

Choose the portable Counting Machine:

These machines are easy to carry and handy. Wherever you want you can carry them. Some counting machines come with a secondary display according to your convenience. Such machines are mostly found at the cashier departments.


Make sure the software can be updated on regular basis with the latest features and trends. The machine has various advanced features of demonetization and finding fake notes. So, be ensuring that the counting machine you are purchasing updates you about the Government Plans and scheme. Before buying, make sure the machine accepts new notes which are launched by the RBI.

Choose the Normal Size:

Along with counting speed, you should also check the size of the machine. Make sure the machine accepts the multiple notes at once. It is necessary to have an exact size for improving counting speed.

Look for the Trusted Brand:

In the world of technology, so many brands are launching various types of counting machines. Find trustworthy and top-notch brands. Check the Customer’s feedback, rating, testimonials, and reviews. It can help make a decision. No matter where you look in both the online and offline world, there are many options available.

Suitable for Pocket:

A good brand has a quality of reliability. So make sure the product is worth digging deep into your pocket for the best you can afford. The best option gives you lots of satisfaction. Before buying, evaluate the market price with your budget. It can be simplified your choice and convenience as well.

Currency Counting Machine Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are Currency Counting Machines highly accurate?

Yes, currency counting machines are tested a thousand times before selling to buyers. The testing is done by the manufacturer itself and they look for maximum success rate in each count. During the test, manufacturers focus on using different value currencies and some old currency bills to test the accuracy. So, you can say that a currency counting machine is 99.99% accurate, and if you have any doubt then you can operate the machine on the same batch a couple of times to figure out any flaw.

  1. How should I know if my currency counting machine is working accurately?

To test out your currency counting machine, it would be a better choice to look for the order of currency bills. If you putting 20 notes of hundred rupees, 30 notes of five hundred rupees, and higher currency, you can disorder them and try it out. In a couple of tries, you will still get the right count of notes. If your currency counting machine also tells the value then you should check the manual guide to understand the testing method.

  1. Can currency counting machines detect counterfeit bills?

If you are using a currency counting machine that comes with all the necessary sensors, then it can fake currency. However, if there are any currency notes with something written on it, or the money bills are old, then the currency counting machine might put them into the fake section. In such cases, you might have to check the note on your own by looking at the essential aspects. Finding counterfeit currency is mostly easy and you can do it with several parameters.

  1. What to consider before buying a currency counting machine for a small company?

In case, you have to deal with a large number of currency bills and usually face issues while counting notes, then you must buy the right type of machine. You can look for several key aspects to figure out the right currency counting machine with ease.

  • Always learn about the capacity of the currency counting machine. Most machines offer you the capacity to count 100 notes in a single-use.
  • Choosing a reputed brand is always important so that you get a quality product and have no issue in the future.
  • Choose currency counting machines that come with a long-term warranty. In case of having any issue with accuracy, you can get the product replaced.
  • Learn about the product by checking reviews from previous buyers to avoid getting the wrong product.
  1. What’s the lifespan of a currency counting machine?

A currency counting machine has several moving parts and motors along with sensors. If any of the components start causing the issue, you can have an issue with accuracy. According to most manufacturers, the lifespan of a currency counting machine depends upon your use. However, you can expect at least five years of use without any problem with the currency counting machines.


Mostly, the counting machine is available in good quality with various features. Infect you can add on the LED screens, self-examinations quality in your preference. These machines are not only time savers but also save you from mental trauma. With the help of this machine, you can easily manage your work and efforts. We came to the main point that cash counting machines are the best option in every field.

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