10 Best Extension Boards with USB Ports In India 2022 – Reviews, Guide & Tips

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Smart devices are leading the market and getting famous for higher convenience, and excellent functionality. Anyone can buy smart devices such as USB lamps, power banks, etc. The best part is, you can use your smartphone charger to connect these devices with power.

The only thing which makes it less reliable is, you have a single charger for various devices. The best option in such a situation is to buy an extension board with USB ports. The Indian market has a range of well-established electronic brands to manufacture such extension boards. While choosing an extension board, you might feel that all of them look the same and offer similar functionalities so, how to figure out the best one.

To end this confusion, considering the top manufacturers might not help. Other essential parameters might get unnoticed, and you will end up buying bad-quality extension boards. The advantage of long wire and better portability is impressive. The only problem is, you need a product which is efficient at the same time. Here we are putting top 10 extension boards with USB ports that are available in India.

We consulted with experts, people from the forum, and compared all the important aspects which we mentioned in buying guide.

Best Buy Extension Boards in India

An extension board is a necessary electronic device in every Indian household. If you just want an extension board only then going with something extra versatile is better and more valuable. You can charge your smartphone from the USB ports in the extension board, electric trimmers, USB lamps, and much more. The functionality isn’t limited to charging as you can get a wide range of uses. Let’s take a deep dive and explore some of the best extension boards with USB ports option in India –

1: Portronics Power Plate II POR-671 Extension Board

For all those buyers who are thinking about long-term usage and great value, then choosing Portronics POR-671 5A will be the right choice. It would be a reliable choice for buyers, who are facing shot circuit issues in their region. Portronics made this extension board with shock-proof material along with three USB ports and three power universal sockets.

It is an ideal option to set up an office or work table due to the thick-gauge wire used by the manufacturer. Running heavy-duty devices such as motor, fridge, ovens, microwave, etc. is possible without any problem. The in-built protection system is efficient as it has a small fuse that turns off the power supply in case of high-voltage.


  • You will get exceptional durability with a sturdy design.
  • Having three power sockets and three USB ports enhances usability.
  • It offers ideal companionship for heavy-duty devices such as fridges, motor, etc.
  • There is an in-built protection system to prevent you from future problems.
  • The manufacturer is backing this extension board with six months of warranty.


  • No major cons found.

2: ADDMAX Extension Cord with USB Port

When it comes to great build quality and a reliable design, going with ADDMAX Extension Cord with USB Port seems like the best choice. Why? Well, it has a unique design where you get four power sockets and two-USB ports. These are enough but you are also getting two more slots for power. This extension board will give you a highly versatile use.

There are three impressive color options that you can choose from and the small turn-on/off push button looks excellent here. Addmax is using flame-resistant material, which is durable and sturdy at the same time. Controlling the extension board manually is possible. This is the reason that you can consider this extension board over the other ones.


  • The build quality is top-notch and highly admirable.
  • There are six sockets to power up any device of desire, and you get two USB ports.
  • The convenience rate is adequate with the long wire, easy on/off switch, and compact design.
  • You can choose from three vibrant and heartwarming color options.
  • Smart charging ports deliver adequate power as per the device connected.


  • Slightly expensive but seems reasonable.

3: Live Tech PS06 with Free 3PC Charging Extension Board

Live Tech PS06 with Free 3PC Charging is the bestselling product online. It reduces voltage fluctuations issues, and it comes with ultimate universal power Sockets along a 2-meter cable. There are many more qualities like USB charging Ports, LED indicator Light, and PVC copper cable. You can choose it for your offices and home. The power Filtration makes it more efficient and unique.

The surge issues are rising in developing areas, and the summertime is full of power-fluctuation. To avoid any loss, using an extension board with the fuse is a reliable option. This extension board has a power surge fuse to save you from expensive losses of smart devices. There are a total of six USB ports to provide the best in class usability.


  • The appearance of this extension board is phenomenal and attractive.
  • You get six USB ports and three power sockets to have great functionality.
  • This extension board is CE and ROHS certificated.
  • Live Tech is offering one year of warranty from the date of purchase.
  • There are three similar models available in the same model with a slightly different configuration.


  • The price of this extension board is significantly higher than other options.

4: Ibell SG721X ABS Power 2500W 7 Way Socket and 2 Way USB Socket

One of the most affordable and prominent brands to offer great electronic appliances in the Indian region are many, but Ibell is such an excellent one. This brand started with electronic components and accessories for a lower price point, whereas the build quality is way more remarkable. The selection of the Ibell SG721X ABS Power extension board is easy.

First, it has a compact design, but you get 7-way sockets, and there are 2 USB ports. There is an overload protection fuse is installed to provide you better safety. The material of this extension board is ABS and fire-proof, which reduces risks. The maximum power voltage out of this device is 2500w, which is quite enough for regular use. On the other hand, a six-month warranty period is offered by the manufacturers.


  • There is an overload protection fuse pre-installed to avoid any risk.
  • You are getting seven sockets and two-USB ports for better usability.
  • Flame Retardant Protection and ABS material ensure better durability.
  • The sockets are suitable for many countries as it has international sockets.
  • You are getting an individual turn on/off button on this extension board.


  • For such a higher price point, six months of warranty is notably less time.

5: GM 3261 Cuba 4+1 Power Strip with Master Switch Extension Board

The popularity of the GM 3261 Cuba extension board is quite phenomenal. It is one of the affordable and quite a popular option. It has a range of features to admire. With the help of a surge protector, it can manage unnecessary power conditions. Even the smarter looks make it more unique and effective.

The manufacturer is offering one year warranty, and it comes with a 2-meter heavy-duty power cord. The buyers can use it for computers and other electrical instruments. Build quality, design, flame-proof material, and such other features are making it one of the most reliable products to consider.


  • Build quality is top-notch and highly admirable that you will love.
  • The manufacturer is offering one year of warranty from the date of purchase.
  • It is one of the ideal choices for home and office use.
  • There are three international versatile sockets for excellent functionality.
  • The extension board with a USB port comes at an affordable price point.


  • Power output from the extension board USB is adequate, but not reliable for a flagship smartphone.

6: Syska 3 Way Extension Board with USB

If you are looking to buy an affordable and cheap extension board with a USB port, choose Syska 3 Way Extension Board with USB. It is the complete package of safety and reliability. As compared to other brands, Syska is a remarkable one with an excellent reputation. Syska 3-way board provides you with more than one connectivity option.

Syska used ABS material with a highly durable body that handles the overload power issue. The board also manages power fluctuations and electric surges. Comparing the design of this extension board to other popular options, the appearance is top-notch. It can handle 1500w of power to run heavy-duty machines and appliances.


  • The appearance of this extension board is admirable.
  • You get 1500w power output without any heating or sparking issues.
  • Syska is backing up this product with one year of warranty.
  • ABS body and shock-proof material enhance the durability of the case.
  • Surge and Spike protection fuse are pre-installed in the extension board.


  • There are only a few negative reviews regarding defective product delivery.
  • The power supply from the USB port is not adequate for expensive smartphones.

7: Hoteon LIDNIO 2500W Extension Board with USB Slots

All those buyers who want to turn on/off the switch for each socket can go with Hoteon LIDNIO 2500W Extension Board with USB Slots. It is one of the expensive but widely preferred extension boards. There is three similar-looking design available for almost similar price points. It is safe and energy-efficient over the other extension boards from the list.

The multiple protection system, flame-proof casing, and sturdy design ensure safe and prolonged use. There are four sockets and four USB ports for versatile use. The manufacturer is offering 2-gauge wire along with 2 meters in length. USB ports are smart and offer fast charging functionality for flagship smartphones.


  • There are individual switches for the individual socket so you have safe use.
  • Smart USB output provides fast charging and great functionality.
  • It is a reliable product for home and office use which makes it highly versatile.
  • There are multiple protection surges to save your smart devices from short-circuit.
  • Built-in sensors and protectors along with one year of warranty.


  • The price of this extension board is slightly expensive than any other option.

8: PEACH BERRY Universal Extension Board Made in India

Some of the brands are great in manufacturing one kind of product, and Peachberry is one of them. This brand offers a wide range of extension boards that are made in India. Design, durability, reasonable price, and excellent functionality are some of the best things, which you can expect from their products.

There are three sockets and two USB ports on this extension board. The best part is, you are getting individual switches for the sockets. You are getting a multiple-protection system pre-installed to prevent fire or electrical surges. This is the major reason behind the popularity.


  • The extension cord length is up to the mark that is 3 meters.
  • You can get higher convenience with an individual on/off switch.
  • Surge protection guard to prevent computer and other electric components from short circuit.


  • The power supply from the USB port is not adequate for smartphones and wireless chargers.

9: EYUVAA LABEL 10 ampere Extension Board

One of the funky and unique-looking designs which might seem like a big replica of orange candy from childhood but are an extension board is the EYUVAA LABEL 10-ampere Extension Board. It is a well-designed electronic household with a compact and sturdy build.

There are four USB-ports along with four power sockets to offer you to fulfill the need. safety is a major aspect that can make you grab this extension board over the other ones. The space-saving design along with a compact look ensures that you can get the best functionality out of this small unit.


  • The design is safe and one of the reliable in this price range.
  • It comes at an affordable price point.
  • You get four USB and four power sockets for convenient use.
  • The build quality is sturdy and it is made of ABS/non-flammable material.


  • There is no warranty offered by the manufacturer.

10: PEACH BERRY Universal Extension Board

PEACH BERRY Universal Extension Board is an affordable and slightly better model from many options that we have mentioned here. The qualities like smaller footprint for less-space coverage, long wire, the use of study case, flame-resistant material, and adequate ports make it one of the quirky options.

Multiple-protection systems ensure safer use and prevent power surges. Having a convenient turn-on/off switch plays the most important role in better usability. There is a three-meter-long extension cord and the price of this extension board is also affordable.


  • It has sturdy built with a fire-resistant design.
  • You get a three-meter-long cord with this extension board.
  • The protective features are top-notch for the lower price point.
  • You get three main sockets along with two USB ports in this extension board.
  • Surge protection ensures safe use in the Home and office.


  • No warranty-related detail is mentioned by the manufacturer.

How to Choose the Best Extension Boards in India?

While making your first purchase of extension boards with USB ports, it would be better to know about key features. Once you get to know about the essential parameters, figuring out the right one seems easier. To eradicate every kind of confusion, we made the list. But, how we did it? Well, we investigated the below-mentioned aspects. As if a product ticks any five features from the list, we selected the product. You can use the same aspects, and find the right one as per your need –

  • Reputed Brand – Indian market might not have a huge number of USB extension board manufacturers, although there are few reputed ones to end the confusion. These are a few of the most reliable brands to choose from in India. The build quality, after-sale services, and other aspects are great regarding products from these five brands. The most popular names that you can consider with ease are –
    • Portronics
    • Syska
    • ADDMAX
    • Live Tech
    • EMBOX
  • Minimum 2 Ports and 3 Sockets Several companies are manufacturing the extension board with an adequate number of USB ports. You can use the USB ports in two different ways. The first one is to connect it to USB electronic devices like lamps, torches, etc., and the second one is to charge the cellphones and other gadgets. Make sure that you buy extension boards that have at least 2-USB ports and 3-sockets. Such devices are going to fulfill all the basic needs. You can consider more ports as per need.
  • Wire Length – Most people want at least 1.5 long wire for higher convenience to charge up their smartphone at the bed, plug-in computer wires, and more. The use might vary, but the wire length is an important parameter. You should understand the type of use, distance from the power source to the table, bed, or other places. If you are 1.5 to 2 meters away from the power source, then consider the length of wire offered by the manufacturer. Many companies sell custom wire lengths to get the right product without having any issues.
  • Warranty – Needless to mention, warranty is a less-noticed aspect. Most people try to save up on costs by choosing products with no warranty, but electronic products are not the ones that can be up to claim always. There are chances that your product might have a manufacturing fault or other issues. To avoid wasting your movie, always go with products with a warranty. Even, this aspect is necessary because only good and genuine products have a warranty. After all, manufacturers are sure about their extension boards.
  • Fireproof Material – Electronic extension board can go up to 2500w during use, and this much power can create lots of heat. The only problem is, overheating can cause fire and short-circuit. Surges are harmful, and they can risk devices connected to the extension boards with USB ports.
  • After-Sale Services – Manufacturers are responsible for the fault, and they will replace the product if there is any fault. Always check after-sale services of the product to ensure a safe buy. In case you want to claim a warranty on your product, the manufacturer should respond to your issues. If the after-sale services are poor and take intense time to replace your product, you are not getting the worth for paying such a high price.
  • Reviews – Checking out reviews from most buyers will let you know about flaws in the product without even buying. Overheating, improper working, cheap build quality, and other problems are common among extension boards with USB ports. Once you go from plenty of reviews, you will be sure whether the extension board is reliable or not.

While choosing an extension board most of the buyers think about their brand and its quality. Daily usage of smart devices increases the importance of USB extension boards. It is a major issue when you need to charge multiple devices, but you have a single charging slot. If you are planning to set up a PC or charging your cellphone at once, you will need a perfect power source. Before buying an extension board you make sure about the charging and connectivity capabilities of the extension board.

Mistakes to Avoid While Using Extension Board

An extension board is used in almost every home and workplace. If it is not used properly it can cause extreme risk in the form of fire. However, it is necessary to avoid such mistakes when using an extension board.

Extension Board Safety tips:

The below-mentioned safety tips guides will help you know what things should be considered before using extension boards.

Only use Extension Board with GFCI Protection – The GFCI Protection reduces the risk of causing short circuits and firing especially when multiple devices are connected. The GFCI means Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. It will eliminate power if an actual dangerous situation arises. Extension Board with GFCI separates the flow of current through the cord if there is any issue or leak found, it automatically disconnects the power. Make sure the board you choose comes with GFCI protection. Users may also plug the ordinary cord into a familiar GFCI outlet if they do not have an integrated GFCI cord in their Extension Board. GFCI Protection is very effective in the term of protection and safety. They are cheap and ensure complete safety.

Do not plug one Extension Board’s wire into another – If any device requires more than 100 feet in length and distance, an extension board will need to be installed. If extension boards are mistakenly plugged with each other, it can cause electrocution, equipment failures and can lead to fires. In such a case a huge property loss will surely happen. Two board wires together moderated the current capacity which will result in overheating. To avoid voltage dropping issues, go for extension board’s which are made with 12-gauge wire. Such wires will be able to tackle any power device and maintain the flow of electricity.

Never use Extension Board under carpets or through doorways – Make sure the extension board should be plugged in the same room’s outlets where work is being done. This safety tip helps avoid two causes of issues- falling and damage to the wires. Always lay the extension board on the flat surface. Avoid laying the extension board in such a room where it gets rolled easily. Besides this, never lay an extension board on the bed because it exhales heat which might be disturbing sometimes especially when you have a baby.

Boards may not be attached to walls by staples or metal nails – Extension board wires thoughtfully designed with a soft flexible covering. A covering can easily damage when staples or metal nails are being used to secure them. Any bending, force, pinching can damage the wires.

Extension board should be changed immediately if damaged – Duct tape or electrical tape indicates that the cord was damaged and repaired. The damaged area should be cut properly before use. So take care to protect your cords.

Stay away from the wet area – Always remember the extension board may cause fire or heavy damage if it can be used around the wet area like the swimming pool, bathroom and many others. So avoid using extension boards in wet areas.

The Final Verdict:

Looking at the design, build quality, and other parameters might be helpful to the first-time buyer. Still, few people get confused and end up choosing the wrong product. Due to such reasons, considering the top 10 best extension boards with USB ports in India will help them figure out a great product. Most of these extension boards have deals going on, and you can grab them for an excellent discount. We hope that you choose a reliable USB extension board and get excellent durability.

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